Ny månad i morgon


august 2008

This month is all about one thing for you, and that one thing is your health. Its high summer, and everything is growing. Your job, starting the 1st, is to grow right along with it. Stop giving in to outdated and unhealthy emotional patterns. Stop neglecting your physical health because you're too busy to work out, or too stressed to cook. Cut out the junk food. It's high time you started treating yourself the way you deserve to be treated: As a very special and wonderful person who deserves to be as healthy as they possibly can. By the 5th, you'll be applying this new healthy attitude to some of your financial dealings. Do a couple of people owe you money? Make sure they pay you back. Not letting people take advantage of you is as important to your health as not skipping the gym, you know. The 10th and 11th, go for something meditative in your workout routine. Yoga, swimming or even a nice long walk -- these are all activities that will help you get in touch with yourself while doing great things for your body. The 15th and 16th, do your best not to resist change. The 21st, you may notice that your recommitment to your health is really bringing you a lot of new admiration from different people. The 26th, get creative with your workout. The 30th, whatever your newest idea for staying healthy is, plunge right in. It's a good one!

Kolla in ditt månatliga fitness horoskop du med genom att klicka här! :)